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What You Will Learn In My Webinar:

  • Why Public Speaking is so Effective and Why Speakers are Respected and Held in High Esteem
  • Creative Ways to Promote Your Career Through Public Speaking in Conventional & Unconventional Settings
  • Advertising vs. Public Relations--- How & When To Use Each
  • Open vs. Closed Speaking Engagements- What’s Best for You?
  • Seminars in Assisted Living Communities
  • Enhance Your Bookstore Speaking Engagements
  • Learn About Adult Education Speaking Engagements and How To Make Them Work For You!
  • Should You Offer Panel Discussions?
  • Video, Testimonials---Always Think in terms of Marketing!
  • Visuals for Your Presentations Use Anxiety to Your Advantage
  • Marketing Tricks of the Trade
  • Nuts and Bolts of a Great Presentation
  • The Use of Announcements, Hand-Outs, Raffles, Incentives
  • How to Use Humor, Quotes To Your Advantage
  • Speaker Organizations to Help You Enhance your Speaking Skills
  • How to Use Sponsorships to Your Advantage
  • Important Follow-Up Tips That Will Get You Booked Again